Cloud and DevSecOps

At Greenmen Consulting, we take the cloud security and DevSecOps approach to the next level by adopting a developer-centric strategy that not only supports a wide range of integrations but also offers in-depth support for cloud-native stacks. 

Actionable Findings

Deploying a Reliable Infrastructure

Our cloud and DevSecOps services include robust monitoring solutions that allow for real-time tracking of application and infrastructure performance, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential issues. By partnering with us, companies can accelerate their development processes, and improve the reliability of their software deployments.


Cloud DevSecOps Implementation

By adopting DevSecOps practices, we ensure that security is integrated into every step of the development process, enabling us to mitigate security vulnerabilities proactively. This approach helps in meeting the ever-evolving security requirements of modern cloud environments.

01 Code Analysis

Our services include continuous improvements to the software by providing code analysis as a part of quality assurance. We implement agile methodologies that enable us to deliver updates at a faster rate while also checking the code analysis part of quality assurance.

02 Automated Testing

We provide automated testing solutions that simplify the testing process with a minimum set of scripts and associated tools, which can execute repeatable test cases with ease and save time while also delivering results of maximum accuracy.

03 Change Management

We involve developers in key processes like security to ensure effective change management. By making them aware of related tools and giving them expertise in addressing mission-critical issues, we ensure timely attention to possible vulnerabilities.

04 Compliance Monitoring

Our cloud DevSecOps services include ensuring compliance with the required regulations for new code creation or modifying existing source code. We help you have the right compliance in place to ease the burden during audits and keep up transparency.

05 Threat Investigation

We provide regular monitoring of security, including continuous discovery, threat investigation, regular security scans, and code reviews, to identify possible vulnerabilities.

06 Personnel Training

Our services also include empowering your personnel by introducing certification courses and hands-on training on security-specific topics, among others, to enhance their knowledge and skills. The more knowledge your teams gain, the more successful you will be.

Best-in-class Solutions

Hassle-free DevSecOps Intervention

DevSecOps by Greenmen Consulting allows for proactively identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities, reducing the risks associated with data breaches and other security threats. By redefining their operations, engineering, and security to work in unison, organisations can achieve unparalleled levels of success in today’s competitive market.

Code-free Configurable Rules

Our cloud DevSecOps services offer easy and code-free configurable rules to manage compliance requirements seamlessly saving you time and resources. 

Automatic Validation

Our services ensure thorough compliance scans at every stage of the development process to ensure top quality and complete protocol adherence. 

24x7 Monitoring

We offer you a dedicated round-the-clock team to help you keep track of all your security requirements, including data privacy, and regulatory requirements. 

Risk Assessment

Our team of experts provides you with a detailed report that outlines all security risks and recommends appropriate measures to mitigate them. 

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Why Choose Us

At Greenmen Consulting, we are committed to delivering top-notch services that help our clients achieve their business goals. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in various technologies, coupled with a proven track record of successful project delivery. Presenting our clients with a customer-centric approach and a product that will surpass market standards is what we do best.

Improved Collaboration

Collaboration between the development, security, and operations teams is crucial for successful software development and this is what we focus on.

Continuous Security

DevSecOps principles allow for continuous security enablement and vulnerability assessment through the use of 40+ security tools and technologies.

Innovative Threat Management

By leveraging our innovative threat management strategies and security fortification ventures, organisations can achieve unparalleled levels of success.

Streamlined Operations

Maximising business output and chasing exponential ROIs by following comprehensively envisioned strategies with proven expertise in on us.


Greenmen’s Guarantee

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The Greenmen Guarantee

Securing Business Integrity

Accelerating your cloud DevSecOps adoption processes to achieve a regulated security framework and making way to maximum uptimes with quick turn-around is what our services focus majorly on.

Team of 1000+ engineers

By engaging our services, you can tap into our extensive network of resources in engineering, software development, and project management sectors, allowing you to remain competitive and responsive to market trends.

Long-term predictability

By leveraging our data and analytics assistance, you can track your performance and make informed decisions to optimize your security strategy over time to achieve sustainable business protection over time.

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